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Download the Sensory Trail Overview

A sensory riding trail is a rich learning environment of woodland paths that consist of slopes, turns, varied footing, natural sights and sounds, and man-made "sensory experiences." This environment challenges the riders' balance, stimulates their senses and encourages them to interact with the world around them.

Sensory experiences are themed stopping points along the trail that offer riders the opportunity to see, hear, smell, touch and talk about the items they encounter. Located in an expansive woodland area, trail includes a wide variety of these experiences.

While navigating the trail, riders are not only invited to stop and encounter the sensory experiences, they must also concentrate on riding itself: steering the horse, maintaining proper positioning, transitioning into a half-seat when riding up an incline or stepping over logs, and leaning back in the saddle when riding down a hill. These activities address the riderís balance, visual skills, left/right discrimination and language proficiency. In combination with the sensory experiences, these challenging equestrian components make riding the sensory trail a comprehensive activity.

Chariot intends to develop an innovative sensory trail that, with the help of our community, will provide unmatched therapeutic benefits for our riders. Instructors currently include trail riding in their sessions whenever appropriate, and the activity is clearly a rider favorite.

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