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Parents are treasured resources at Chariot Riders.
Many of the day-to-day activities at Chariot Riders are focused on the participants in our programs, but a strong, subtle achievement is also taking place: support and encouragement are being provided to parents and families. This is something beyond the more visible advantages of therapeutic riding. Living in the world of a disability can often feel lonely and isolating. It is not always easy for friends with typical children to appreciate what happens when disability enters someone's life. Parents who come to Chariot Riders find an instant network of others who have children with disabilities. The opportunities for parent involvement are boundless at Chariot Riders. Whether itís attending the annual horse show and sharing in the participantsí accomplishments, or making an appointment to meet with instructors and review the goals and plan for a rider, parent input is welcomed and cherished. Learn more on how we can work together!
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