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About the Program
At Chariot Riders, we are committed to offering the finest quality therapeutic riding services to people of any age and ability. Many children and adults in our community have discovered the joy and healing that takes place in our very special environment. We attempt to offer our programs to anyone showing an interest or need, and we do so regardless of that rider's ability to pay. As a not for profit organization, we rely heavily on your support to help us maintain our "staff" of horses. Your involvement in the Adopt a Horse program can help us achieve our goals, and brighten the lives of the people we serve.

You can choose to pay the complete care of any one of our therapy horses, or you may choose to cover a portion of that horse's expense.

Complete Care (1 year of feed, farrier, vet/health maintenance) - $1,700.00
Feed (1 year supply) - $850.00
Farrier (1 year of maintence) - $450.00
Veterinary Fees (1 year of maintence) - $400.00

Please make a donation to help defray the cost of our team of therapy horses; we will send you photos and updates on "your horse", and you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are helping your community with our unique program. Thank you!

About the Horses
Ocean Facility Click here to see photos of these wonderful horses!
Larue - A palomino gelding who is smooth gaited and wonderful on the trail.
Chalky - A smooth gaited gelding who is white when he has not been rolling in his paddock. He is most definately a people horse.
Harley - A paint gelding who is a real sweet guy ready to befriend anyone.
Jamie - A stylish thoroughbred mare who is calm and sweet. She is the "Lady of the Barn".
Titus - A thoroughbred gelding who is a true gentleman. He is "The Professor of Our Equines".
Bentley - A warmblood gelding who is best described by the word "Royalty".
Jesse - A quarterhorse gelding who is a true USA horse.
Cory - A quarterhorse gelding who is a true gentleman.
Strider - He is fast becoming one of our "we would love to clone him horses".
Danny - A large pony gelding who knows his job and does it well.
Leonard - A Belgium draft who is the celebrity at the barn. You can catch him often posing for photos.
Hercules - A mini shetland who is the father of Gizzmo (our two smallest additions). You will fall in love as soon as you see them.

Monmouth Facility Click here to see photos of these wonderful horses!
Gizzmo - A mischievous mini shetland who often is the comedy act.
Pheonix - A thoroughbred gelding who has looks and personality.
Giddeon - A quarterhorse gelding who is named after the character in the TV program.
Blue - A dapple gray quarterhorse gelding who is "the Butler in the Group" (takes care of all).
BJ - A thoroughbred gelding who is a big hit at the barn. He is named after Bon Jovi.
Allie - An appaloosa mare who is the "Mother Goose" of the barn.
Kenny - A standardbred gelding who is tall and handsome.
Lord Albert - A standardbred gelding who is dashing and handsome with charm.
Pie - A standardbred mare who is just as "sweet as apple pie".
Boe - A standardbred gelding who is one of our true gentlemen.
Sweetie - A quarterhorse mare whose fan club keeps growing and growing.
Star - A quarterhorse mare who puts a twinkle in everyone's eye.
Hauler - A dapple gray gelding who is a gentleman all the way through.
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